Monday, December 16, 2013

Ornament Bean Bag toss

Monday, December 16, 2013

 Holiday parties with my family mean 3 things, lots of yummy food, lots of fun, and lots of crazy kids.  This year I'm trying to get ahead of the game by having some simple activities on hand to keep them occupied while we get meals ready, or just visit as adults.

  This Ornament Beanbag Toss can be made in one nap time and can be used over and over again.  The kids can team up, or can try to beat their high score.  There are lots of ways to play depending on the ages and interest of the kids.

  Lets get our ornaments started.

You will need:
  •  a large circle template.  I used a canister lid 
  • a pen
  • fabric scraps, large enough to make 2 circles
  • felt scraps and a small piece of ribbon
Fold your fabric over so the right sides are together. Trace your circle and cut it out.  Sew around the circle using a 1/4" seam allowance.  Go slow here.  Put your needle down every couple of stitches, lift the presser foot and turn the circle.
 Leave a small opening for turning.  Backstitch at the beginning and the end of your sewing. If your fabric is directional (meaning it has a pattern that only goes one way) you will want to make sure the opening is at the top of the ornament.  (my picture shows the opening in the wrong place, the next collage has it placed correctly)
This is my trick for clipping seam allowances so circles lay flat.  I use pinking shears.  Just trim close to the sewn line, making sure you don't clip the string.  If you don't have pinking shears, just cut notches into the seam allowance all around the circle to remove some of the excess fabric.  Turn right side out.

Fill your ornament.  A small piece of paper rolled into a funnel can help here.  Use rice, beans or whatever you have on hand that will give the ornament some weight.  Don't overfill the ornament, you'll want to leave it about 1/3 - 1/4 unfilled.

Push all the filling into the bottom of the ornament and place a pin through both layers of fabric just above the top of the filling to keep it at the bottom while you sew the topper on.

Cut two rectangles of felt.  Mine were 1" X 1 1/4 ". 

Place one felt piece under the opening in the ornament.  

Create a loop with the ribbon.  Make sure the ends are both in the middle of the felt rectangle.  

Match up the last felt rectangle on top with the bottom one.  Make sure you have both ribbon ends and the entire opening of the ornament enclosed within the rectangles.  Sew around the rectangles using a 1/8" seam allowance.
Your ornament is done.  

Now make up a few more.  You can do two color schemes- like red and green for example- to allow for more options for game play.  Or just make up 3-4 random patterns.

The last thing to do is make your game board.
For my game board I used some paper from a roll I bought at Ikea.  You could use wrapping paper, poster board or any other base you'd like.  I painted a tree with graduating sized sections and gave them increasing value based on their size.  The paper started rolling up at the ends so I wrapped some blocks of wood with wrapping paper to use at weights to hold the corners down.

The basic game would involve the kids standing behind a pre-determined line and tossing the ornaments on the tree.  Scores would be kept and the highest score would win.

One alternative would be to have two teams and alternate tosses.  If an opponent's bag lands on the same section as the player the scores are offset.  Knocking bags off the board would be allowed and the team with the highest score after a certain number of rounds would win.  Or you could play the first team to a predetermined score would win.

The options are endless.  And hopefully the kids will have as many ideas as I do for how to play with this game and it will keep them busy for a good long while.  One can hope anyway, right?

This post first appeared over on Positively Splendid as part of her holiday series.  She is one of the most genuine and talented women I know- if you haven't had a chance to see what Amy is all about,   you should go check her out! ;)  I mean check her blog out.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Easy Thanksgiving Tree tutorial

Friday, November 15, 2013

In my Happiness post, I talked about 5 ways to be happier.  #5 was to acknowledge your happiness.  One of the easiest ways to find things to be happy about is to follow the old adage- and Count your Blessings. 

Recognizing what we already have is a giant leap into happiness.  And keeping them on display in a beautiful way is simply an added bonus. :)

I wanted to do a quick activity with my children to create a Thanksgiving tree.  I didn't have a ton of time so I pulled out my Cricut and picked the first cartridge with a leaf I could find.  It happened to be the Doodlecharm Cartridge.

 I loaded my 24" mat with paper and put it into the machine.  Selected the leaf shape and  had it "auto fill".  Then I let it cut.
 Pull off the excess paper to reveal the leaves.
 Normally here I would just pull the leaves off with my fingernails, but I was given the new tool set to try and I wanted to give it a go.  I was really pleasantly surprised with how well the spatula worked to lift off the leaves.  Often when I pull shapes off the mat they can curl because of how I pull them off.  The spatula made them all lift straight off and stay flat.  I will say that when I tried it again with a different mat and a softer paper the results weren't as great.  The paper just smashed up and the spatula couldn't get under it, so I'd try it on one of the pieces you don't want to keep first before trying to get it under the shapes you want.

 I used a tiny hole punch and some twine to tie loops on each of the leaves and then I gave them to the children to write down things they were grateful for.  Dad's job, cookies and nature all made the list. 

 Finally, we hung the leaves on the branches I still had left over from my Halloween mantel. 

I finished it off with my apothecary jars and these darling pumpkins my cousin made me a few years ago.  It's a simple display but I absolutely love it.  

How do you "Count your Blessings?"  Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?


*I was given a Cricut tool kit to try in exchange for a creative post using them.  The project and opinions are all mine.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

5 simple ways to be Happier

Thursday, November 7, 2013

*disclaimer* I was given a Clicker Kit from Hilary Weeks to try.  All opinions and stories are my own.  Also, purchasing the clicker start up kit through the link will result in a small monetary affiliate payment for me.  That being said, I really hope you'll read this post, it's worth it. :)

Back in September I had the opportunity to attend a retreat hosted by Amanda Herring of The Quilted Fish.  As part of our preparation, the photography instructor offered us daily prompts to get our creative juices flowing.  One day the prompt she gave us was the word Bliss.  

It seemed innocent enough, but what I found out that day made a huge impact on me.  It changed the way I see happiness.

We live in a very unhappy world.  One that sells dissatisfaction and misery.  One that, in an effort to make a buck, tries to tell us that we will never have/ be/ do enough.

I am here to tell you that the world is wrong.  We are not here to be unhappy.  And I have 5 easy things you can do today to turn that frown upside down.

1.  Change your focus.

When I first saw the opportunity to try out the clicker, I was thrilled.  I had seen Hilary's video posted online before and knew it would fit right into my new happiness perspective.  I couldn't wait to try it out and see if I was right.

What I discovered was amazing.

It was a repeat of what the Bliss prompt had done.  It changed my focus.  I found myself looking for things that made me happy.  One happy thought led to another happy thought.  

The day of the Bliss prompt was a normal everyday kind of day.  Kids had to be cared for, work had to be done.  Laundry, dinner- the list goes on.  But as I found myself, phone camera in hand, looking for my Bliss- I realized that it was everywhere.

In my daughter doing her jobs without nagging, in my son's smiling face, in the flowers and the sunshine.  Even in the laundry.  Well, maybe not in the laundry. ;)

Happiness is where you look for it.

2.  Allow yourself to be happy.

We seem to live in a world where unhappiness and misery are worn almost as a badge of honor.  We like to gripe and complain about how busy we are, or what we don't have, or what we do have.  If you don't believe me, just go spend a few minutes on Facebook.

But there is so much good and wonderful and uplifting in the world.  Let that goodness and joy fill your soul and mind.  Give it room to breathe and swell and grow.  Nourish it with positive thoughts, good friends and happy music.  

Happiness grows when you don't squash it.

3.  Make your happy place, wherever you are.

If you can't find happiness in your own life, in your own home, in your own shoes, then you won't find it anywhere.  Well, except maybe Hawaii.  ;)  But that doesn't mean you can't add to the level of happiness that surrounds you.

Bring colors into your life that make you happy, print off a quote, bring in some flowers, add a new scent to your wax warmer.  Place little bits of happy all around you.  And promise to yourself that when you see those little bits of happy, you'll smile.  

Because smiling is the birthplace of happiness.

4.  Remind yourself to smile.

When you look in the mirror, or catch your reflection in the store window, or think something happy- SMILE.  Because as we just learned in #3- Smiling is the birthplace of happiness.  

Place reminders all around you- on notes stuck to mirrors, on the back of your hand if you need to.  

My friend has a great family game where they stick googly eyes on random things.  Do that!  And spread the happy.  Your husband will love seeing silly eyes on the mustard jar in the fridge.  And even if he doesn't love it, I bet you he'll smile anyway.  Win!

Sometimes happiness requires effort.

5.  Acknowledge your happiness.

This is where the clicker came in handy.  
We are what we think.

More than we realize.

And the more weight we give to the things we think, the more we can impact the happiness level in our lives.  The simple act of clicking a happy thought, or writing it down, or consciously smiling at something that makes us happy- gives weight and power to that thought.  

Thoughts are the food of happiness.

I'm going to wrap this up with one last thought. I was so excited when I got my starter kit in the mail.  I opened it up and explained to my husband what it was all about.  I set it out and prepared to click and be happy.

The next day my sweet son came home from school.  He came into the kitchen and said "Mom, I need the clicker."  I told him it was Mom's project and I needed them to leave it alone.  He gave me a frustrated look and said, "So, you're just going to change your life and not change our lives too?"

I immediately handed over the clicker and let him add his happy thoughts to mine.

Make sure you share your happiness.

Now I'm not saying that life won't be hard.  That there won't ever be days that are just plain awful and sad and frustrating.  Of course there will be challenges we have to go through.

But I am saying, that even in the midst of those excruciating trials- there is still happiness around.  Fleeting moments of beauty, joy, laughter and even smiles.  And the more weight and recognition you give to those moments, the greater your happiness will be.


Hilary is on a mission, to record 1 billion clicks- to flood the world with 1 billion happy thoughts!  Doesn't that sound like a great goal?  How much better off would we all be if we each added our own happy thoughts to that number?  We could change the world.

If you want to add your happy thoughts to counter, you can record them online here.  And if you decide you want a clicker to help you keep track, or to help you build the habit of positive thinking you will find them in the shop at  If you use the code AMY771 the clicker kit will come with a clicker, wristband and stickers.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013
I don't mean for weeks to go by between posts, really I don't.  It's not that I don't have something to say or post about, but making the time is a struggle for mine right now.  I will try very hard to do better. :)

For now though, it's time for our Point of View reveal.  I don't know what's going to happen with POV in the future, but there is a really strong chance this will be the last reveal for a while.  I've enjoyed every minute of it, and I'm so grateful for the motivation it has given me to tackle some long standing to-do list items.  I'm also grateful for the inspiration you have provided through the link parties.  Remember that you can link up to any of this year's parties through the end of the year.

  POV-October-2013 This month's theme was Tabletop.  I had to really rack my brain for this one.  I was thinking I'd do a table runner or some other quilted project, but ran out of time.  Then I remembered this post from a year or two ago and thought I'd share some ideas for making these fun pumpkins as a centerpiece.

First though, you won't want to miss Ashlee or Steph's projects.  

Three years ago, I decided to host a Thanksgiving brunch for some friends.  I shared the placemats I created here, but I never put much emphasis on the pumpkins I made.  

I first saw these on Holly's blog and she reposted the tutorial here.  They are pretty simple to make and you can have fun changing up the width and height for all different looks.  But, if you know me, you know that my favorite part is the embellishing.  Yes, you can add gorgeous ribbon like she did and they are elegant and lovely, but why stop there?

 A giant flower on a medium sized pumpkin is super fun.
 A silk flower is a simple way to add some color and texture.  Adding a button in the center gives it a homier feel.  (and you can add small spiders if you like to combine your fall and Halloween decorations :) )
 Grouped together they make a fun centerpiece.  You can use them as place card holders as well.

Using different textures for the pumpkins themselves makes for lots of interest.  And adding a few buttons is another way to add some fun without taking a lot of time.

So, whether you're making pumpkins, place mats, or something else for your holiday tables, don't forget to take it one step further and Embellish. :)


Monday, October 14, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Monday, October 14, 2013
 I don't know how many of you are on Instagram.  If you are, you can follow me at @amerooniedesigns.  If not, here is a peek at what I've been up to lately.  I made these flowers to go with the swag bags I made for a creative retreat I was able to go to.  I'm hoping to post more about it, but right now it's still marinating in my head.  Long story super short, it was FABULOUS.  I hope everyone at some point has a chance to "Find their Lula".
After the last Oh Sweet Sadie boutique, I had someone contact me about making her a batch of these Personal Progress Folders.  Of course I said yes, and made a few extra for some upcoming boutiques as well.  And how cute are they with the elastic?  I actually prefer that to the ribbons now.  Easier and totally cute.

 Last year we finished our basement and I'm sllllloooooowwwwwllllllyyyyy gathering some fun accents to decorate down there.  We're going for a slight vintage/industrial look.  I was so excited when my sister found this cool metal letter for me.  Too bad they stuck the stickiest stickers in the universe on the front.  I still need to attack this with Goo Gone.

 As part of the retreat I attended, we took a photography class.  This one was about personification.  While my pictures are not spectacular by any means, I will say that I am improving greatly.  It adds a lot more time and effort when you have to attempt to fully stage shots, but I have to say it's definitely worth the investment.  Maybe one day I'll actually even have a big girl camera. :)

 I cleaned my craft room!!!  You can see the floor again!  And actually walk into the closet!  And use the table!!  It was a lot of work.  I'm a very messy crafter and usually don't take the time to put things back all the way.  Plus, often I get interrupted by one disaster or the other, so that doesn't help.  Add to that the fact that I have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF! and you have chaos.  I'm happy to say that some order has been restored.  The clean out also sparked the next picture, which is the first installment of the Great Stashbust of 2013.

 This banner was the first project in my new goal to use up much of the stash I have.  I was talking to a friend, who owns a fabric shop, and asked her if she had an incredible stash.  She said that she used to, but she realized that there would always be more cute fabric, and since her sewing time was limited to samples for her store, she had to use current lines to move her inventory.  I realized that I need to do the same thing.  The sheer amount of stuff I have is keeping me from enjoying my space and time.  Plus, using all my cute fabric will force me to create things I can actually enjoy.  I invited a couple of friends over and we all made these fun banners.  I'm hoping to have a tutorial up in the next day or two.  There is very minimal sewing involved and I just LOVE how it turned out.
So, that's what I've been up to.  These days it feels like I'm always running behind and posting a quick picture on Instagram or Facebook is all I have time for. 
I'm hoping to be better though, because you guys have stuck with me for a long time and I really appreciate you being around.  And, I feel like we have a community here, and I love it.  So, I'm not going anywhere, but if you're missing me in between posts, hop over to see me in the chaos of social media. :)


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Everything I Never Knew I Didn't Know about Motherhood

Thursday, October 3, 2013
You know the book, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten?  (I love Robert Fulghum by the way.  I have read a few of his books and they always make me laugh and think, which is a combination I greatly enjoy.) 

Well, I have learned a few things myself.  

I'll call it- Everything I Never Knew I Didn't Know About Motherhood.

  • You'll be exhausted forever.  To varying degrees.  But, unless you can afford a long vacation- sleep will become what you want for Christmas, your Birthday etc.
  • You will develop a tolerance for every single thing you swore your children would NEVER do.  Scream in public, throw things, run like banshees through places.... Payback is well, you know...
  • You will always feel like you're doing something wrong, messing up at least one of your children, failing them to some degree in at least one thing, or perhaps EVERYTHING.  And if you allow the thought that perhaps you aren't doing such a terrible job to even briefly cross your mind, your children will loudly remind you that you are THE...WORST..PARENT..EVER.
  •  Children make messes.  The more children the larger the mess.  But not in the way that 1+1=2, children together in the same room multiply messes.  Exponentially.  Like 1*1= infinity.
  • As soon as you think you have things under control, that you understand your children, that you are on top of the schedule, that you have homework covered, that the routine is working- Everything will change.  Someone will start a new lesson, sport, class, job and all your careful planning will be thrown out the window and you'll have to start over- or wing it.  Forever.
  • That thing that you thought would be the easiest part of Motherhood for you? Children have a way of twisting it into the most difficult experience of your entire life.  It's best not to think.  Try clearing your mind like the Ghostbusters did in the movie.  The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man has nothing on what havoc children can create.  Repeat the mantra- "I know nothing..."  Acceptance is key here.
  • Motherhood/ Parenthood is the hardest job you will ever have X infinity.  It's impossible to know what challenges you will face.  And sometimes the thought of everything that could/might go wrong will leave you huddled in a corner terrified.  
  • Sometimes your very worst nightmare will come true.
  • You are not in this alone.  Your mother/grandmother/father/any adult that has a hand in shaping who you are is there ready to help.  And maybe rub it in a little that they were right all those years ago when they told you how it would be.
  • Despite how it feels on Facebook, there is no mother alive who wants to see you fail.  We are passionate about our jobs, sometimes we express opinions strongly, or in a way that is hurtful to those who feel differently.  But deep down in each of us is the desire to be good at this mothering thing, and to help everyone else be successful too.
  • Sometimes you will have to wave the white flag.  Give up on some ideals for a while.  Adjust expectations.  Learn to love dirt.  Survival is the primary goal.  Anything else is frosting.
  • You are not nearly as big an influence in how your children turn out as you think.  They come hardwired with personalities, abilities and souls that you might be able to shape, but not ever really change.  This is both freeing and terrifying.
  • If someone had told you everything you would have to do as a mother, and what it would take to do this job, you would have laughed in their face.  And yet, somehow, you find yourself doing things you never would have dreamed of doing, stretching in ways you didn't know you could, becoming someone you had no idea you even wanted to be.  And you are grateful for it.
  • One smile from a toddler can erase the frustration of a whole day full of disaster.  One hug from a preteen will remove all the contention of a strained relationship.  One laugh from a 7 year old boy will fill your soul with joy.  The equation never makes sense on paper, but in your heart, you know you are always on the receiving end of this whole deal.

 Motherhood is delicious, divine and disgusting.  It is both intensely painful and extremely gratifying.

  And I love it.


Monday, September 30, 2013

Halloween Mantel

Monday, September 30, 2013
Here is the beginning of my Halloween mantel.  It's still got a way to go, but it's a good start don't you think?

I'm using the top of my turquoise dresser that sits in my living room.  It's nice to have a large surface to decorate, but it's also a challenge to find decorations that fit the scale of the piece.

(*I was given the Doodlebug products to use as part of my work on their design team)

The first thing I did was head out into the hills around my home and collect some branches.  These were from a tree that was already dead. ;)  I had originally thought I would spray paint them, but after seeing the cool gray patina they already had, I decided to just leave them.  I arranged them in a pitcher and added this sweet scrappy bunting in Halloween colors and these fun ornaments using the new Pixies from Doodlebug Designs.

Next, I went out and purchased this haunted house from The Wood Connection.  I used papers and stickers from the new Doodlebug Halloween line.  They are the perfect fit for someone like me who isn't really into the gory, creepy side of Halloween.  :)

 The last project I finished was these cute faux apothecary jars.  They are probably my favorite part of the whole display.  I used wooden candlesticks, glass jars and wood finials I found from my Mother-in-law.  I glued the finial to the lid and painted both the lid and candlesticks.  Then I glued the jars to the candlesticks.  

Finally, I used papers and stickers to create the decorations on the jars.  I used paper bands so they can be slipped off after Halloween and traded out for fall/ Thanksgiving and other holidays.  I love a versatile decoration. 

 I'm still waiting for my husband to dig out the rest of our holiday decorations, and I'm hoping to sew a fun runner for the top of the dresser.  But, if this is all that happens this year, I'm still pretty happy with it. ;)

Are you all ready for Halloween or do you still have some digging to do too?


linked up to Look What I made. Think Pink Sunday at Flamingo Toes

Point of View Reveal- Mantel

The leaves are changing, the air is cooler and pumpkins are popping up everywhere.  It's the time of year you turn your energies inside, making your home cozy and warm for the coming winter.  What better time of year to spruce up your mantel?


I think they are all beautiful, don't you?

For more details, you can follow their links:

Amy Cowley our guest for the month visiting from The Happy Scraps
Ashlee at I'm Topsy Turvy

Even if you don't have a mantel to decorate, you'll see that at least half of us just use some other place to create a focal point.  What kind of mantel do you decorate?  I'd love to see- link up below.  Remember that the link party stays open all year, so you can link up now, or later.  And the posts don't have to be new- go dig out those previous mantel posts and let's all get inspired.  Ready?  Go!!

xoxo, Amy

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Coin Purse with Wrap Card by Ameroonie Designs

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
*This was a guest post I did clear back in May. I just realized that I never actually posted it over here. Even though we're already back to school, this would be a great idea for a Christmas gift or just a nice mid-year Thank you. And it doesn't even have to be for a teacher, you could change the text on the card and make it for just about anyone.

Teachers definitely don't get paid enough for all that they do for our children.  They spend hours outside of school, and money from their own pockets to create learning opportunities for the students they teach.  So what better way to thank them than by giving them some money to spend on themselves?

And what would be better than a cute little coin purse to give them that money to spend?  And if you wrap that cute little coin purse in a darling wrap card?  Extra Credit!

Today I'm going to show you how to get to the head of the class with this sweet and simple wrap card.  If you want to make your own coin purse- you can find the directions on my blog.

 First, you will need to measure the dimensions of your coin purse.  Mine is 3" tall by 5" wide, with a 1" gusset at the bottom.

 To determine how long your card needs to be you need to add 1/4 inch to the height and depth of the purse then add enough for your fold over flap.  In my case I need to add 3 1/4" (front of purse) + 1 1/4" (gusset- or depth of the purse) + 3 1/4" (back of purse) + 3 (flap) = 10 3/4" 

  Cut a strip of card stock or heavy scrapbook paper 1/4" wider than your coin purse and the length you just determined.  In my example the paper would measure 10 3/4" X 5 1/4".

  Using the picture above as a guide, score the strip from left to right at 3" (length of flap), 6 1/4" (height of purse+ 1/4" from score line) and 7 1/2" (depth of purse + 1/4" from previous score line).  Fold at each of the scored lines.  Embellish the flap as desired.  

  To create the twine closure, punch holes in the flap where you want the twine to tie.  Fold the card as it will wrap around the purse.  Using a piercing tool, punch holes in the card front that line up with the holes on the flap.  Using a needle, thread the twine through the pierced holes on the card front.  Use a piece of tape to hold the twine in place.

 Thread the twine through the holes on the flap and tie into a bow.  Add a gift card or cash to the coin purse and slide the coin purse into the wrap card.  Now give it to the incredible person who dedicates their lives to teaching and helping children achieve their full potential and tell them Thank You!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I did on my summer vacation....

Wednesday, September 4, 2013
-played outside
-had birthday parties (someone even had her FIRST birthday)
-went swimming
-spent time with friends

-and thought a lot.

I have been thinking about what I want this blog to be.  About what I want my life to be.  

I have decided that I have been selling myself short. 

 If all this blog is, is a place to share crafty ideas, well, then it's wasting all of our time.

There are plenty of places to go for that.

I want this to be more.  More meaningful, more purposeful, more REAL.

There are plenty of magazines and t.v. shows and blog posts out there trying to tell you how to be and what to do to live a picture perfect life.

I don't want to share perfection.

I want us to roll around in the muddy trenches of life and wallow.  To lift each other up when we're sinking too far.  To inspire and help and sustain each other.

To show our stains, and mistakes and fears and then offer each other advice on how to get it out, fix it up and overcome.

There will still be plenty of crafty ideas, that's what I live for.  It's what makes me sane and helps me support my family. (in a VERY small way)  I will share what I do and love and hope that it doesn't make you feel less than if it's not your cup of tea, but that it will be shared in a way that will inspire you to find your own happy, your own way of expressing yourself and your own path to JOY.

There is enough darkness, and filth and HARD things in this life.  I want us to create some SUNSHINE.  All of us together, shining our lights will push the doom and gloom out of our lives and we will be HAPPY.

I can feel it warming my heart already.  Can you?

So, will you join me?  The future is so Bright we're gonna have to wear SHADES. ;)


Monday, August 26, 2013

Doodlebug Designs Simply Put Banner

Monday, August 26, 2013
My craft room is definitely my happy place.  It's where I go to create and enjoy some of my down time.  It is also where I like to put things that make me happy.  Happy = creativity for me, so that's where I'm trying to go with my decor.  When we did the door POV reveal I showed you one corner of my craft room where I store my Doodlebug Design supplies.  Now that I'm on their design team as the fabric specialist, I get the chance to try some of their other supplies as well.  
The other day I was playing with their Simply Put cards.  These are meant to be used in scrapbooking, Project Life-style.  You slip the cards in slots meant for photos and voila- instant scrapbook!  They are awesome.

  I started cutting them up and ended up with this: a happy banner to brighten up this corner.  I used cards from the fruit stand and take note collections.  All the items used in this corner are from Doodlebug- they just have such bright happy colors and they all work perfectly together.    

I hope if I admit to struggling to make pom poms I won't lose my crafter card.  I made these using twine.  I love them from this angle but they always seem to have a spot in the middle that won't quite close up.  I'll keep working on that. ;)

 These take note cards I kept whole and just put them in some frames I found on clearance at Ikea.  They help feed my happy in = happy out philosophy.

 This is a close up of a few of the pennants.  I love the big brads.  I tried to make each flag sort of represent something I love, summer, flowers, home- you get the idea.  

This banner just adds so much life to this corner.  It really needed it because it doesn't get any light normally.  

Have you created anything recently to add some life to a dull spot?  I'd love to hear about it.



Point of Review Reveal- WALLS


I feel sort of like time keeps speeding up.  Before I even know it, another month has gone by and it's time again for our Point of View reveal.  I'm grateful for this "required" creativity, because I wouldn't have posted at all this summer without it.  There are some great ideas in today's reveal, I hope you'll click over and check them all out.

Steph- Crafting in the Rain
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Amy- Ameroonie Designs
Jonie- Just Between Friends
Ashlee- I'm Topsy Turvy
Marissa (our guest this month- Yay!!) - RaeGun Ramblings

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Sweet Granola Recipe

Monday, July 22, 2013

When I have a brunch to go to, one of the first things I think of to make is this granola.  It's great on yogurt or just plain.  It makes a great snack too, and my kids love it.  

And since you only heat the oven up to 250, it's even an okay summer recipe since it doesn't turn your kitchen into a sauna.

Sweet Granola Recipe

In a large bowl mix:

7c oats
2c whole wheat flour
1c Non-fat dried Milk
1c craisins
1c sliced almonds
1c flaked coconut (we don't like coconut in our house so we leave this out)

Liquefy in Blender:

1c brown sugar
1c oil
1/2 c honey
1/2 c water
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp almond extract 

Pour contents over ingredients in large mixing bowl and stir to coat everything.  Divide the granola between two cookie sheets and flatten out into thin layers.  Bake at 250 degrees for 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes.  I bake both sheets at once, and just alternate their place in the oven every time I stir.

When you take it out of the oven, stir again and allow to cool.  Store in an airtight container.

Enjoy! :)


Recipe Point of View Reveal

Summer is flying by.  It seems we just publish one Point of View reveal and it's time for the next one.  And sadly, over here on Ameroonie Designs, there hasn't been much in between.  I am working on things, and starting in August, I'm hoping there will be much more going on.  But, for today, we have some fun recipes to reveal.  Are you ready?


I'm hungry now.

These all look good enough to eat! :)  

So, if you want the recipe, head over to the individual blogs to find out more.  

And our guest- the amazing Jesseca from One Sweet Appetite

Have a killer recipe of your own?  We'd love to have you link it up at our link party!  We will do our best to visit them, share them and perhaps even feature them in an upcoming post.

  Have a wonderful Monday.


Monday, July 1, 2013

July Point of View Reveal- Furniture

Monday, July 1, 2013
It's hard to believe that it's already July 1st. We're in the middle of a heat wave in my neck of the woods and with 100+ degree temperatures, it's easier to stay inside and keep busy than try to cope with the heat. 


I think reveals are so exciting and this month is no exception.  These are some wonderful projects don't you think?  There's enough inspiration here to keep me busy until the high pressure shifts and it's bearable to be outside. ;)

Ready to check out all the details?

read on for mine.
and our guest: Amber with her gorgeous pink dresser.  

And now for the details of my project.  

Sometimes you happen to be in the right place at the right time.  I have been looking for a dresser to paint and put in my living room as a breakfront-type piece for a while.  I wanted some storage for all the random stuff my kids use that would free up space in my pantry where that stuff is currently residing.

  I was at my friend's house when she mentioned she had a dresser she was looking to sell.  As soon as I saw it I was sold.  And because she's the most awesome friend around- she gave it to me for free. 

Of course I had already started painting when I realized that I forgot to take a "before" shot of the dresser.  I grabbed my camera and took this one so you could at least see the previous finish.  It has such gorgeous lines, but that dark brown just screams 70's to me.  You can see the secretary behind the dresser I got from my great-grandmother.  Now that I'm not afraid of painting, it's the next to get an update. :) 

I am terrible at painting with spray paint- I get too impatient and get frustrated and end up with drips.  It has made me leery of painting any large pieces of furniture.  So when it came time to paint I recruited another friend who has a love of painting furniture and had her help me get over my fear.  She is amazing and now I feel like I could paint anything.

We used a formula to turn regular paint into a chalkboard-like paint by adding plaster of paris to flat paint.  The ratio we used was 2/3 c plaster of paris, 1/3 c water to 1 quart of paint.  It worked great.  I love that it makes it so you don't have to sand the whole piece- which would have taken forever with all the details on it.

We painted 2 coats, let it dry and then sanded it.  I lightly sanded the entire thing, and then sanded a bit harder in a few areas to distress it just a little.  Since my children would be handling this piece once in a while, I figured it was best to just start with a distressed look so that when they truly distress it, it won't bother me. :)

I used a Minwax paste wax to finish the dresser.  The one I purchased was clear for a natural look.  I did one light coat of wax before I added a little tint to the wax to add a bit of aging to the piece.  We made up a small batch of the tinted wax and focused on the edges and crevices, but spread it all over the whole piece to tone down the color just a bit.  Then we did one last coat of the clear wax.  It sounds like a lot of work, but it was really fast and easy.  I'm totally sold on the waxed finish.

I love how some of the drawers are divided.  They will help me keep these kiddos organized- at least a little bit.

I am totally in love with the dresser.  I left the antique brass finish on the hardware because it blends perfectly with the tones of the wax finish, but I might spray paint them eventually to a pewter finish because brass isn't my favorite.  We'll see if it ends up bothering me. :)

I finally have the statement piece I've been dreaming of.  It's the first thing you see when you come into my home and I think it's the perfect representation of my love of color, clean lines and traditional pieces.  I can't wait to dress it up with holiday decorations and make it my faux mantel.

Do you have a piece of furniture you've modified or found?  I'd love to see your Point of View- link up any furniture posts- new or old.  It's a great way to get new eyes on old projects and it will give you a chance to be featured on one of our sites or other social media channels.  I hope you'll join the party!


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