Friday, October 26, 2012

Point of View Reveal- Thrift Store

Friday, October 26, 2012


I love going to the thrift store, finding a diamond in the rough and taking it home.  I can't wait to see how all of these bloggers turned someone's trash into their treasure.

Gwen- Gwenny Penny
Leanne- Organize and Decorate Everything
Me- scroll down
Jonie- Just Between Friends
Kara from Happy Go Lucky- our guest this month- please go give her some love from all of us- we're so glad she's participating with us!

Thrift Store Reveal:
For my project this month, I didn't actually go to the thrift store.  Instead, I rescued some items from my pile of things I was planning on donating to the thrift store.
Last month you  may remember my orange project and I hinted that I was working on a homework station for my children.  This is the result of those efforts.   The inset frame on my orange project was actually a frame I bought at the thrift store a long time ago.  But the stars of the reveal today are the two frames holding the collage prints I made.  I was thinking about some simple mottos I wanted for my children and the two that came to mind were WORK HARD and BE AWESOME.
These frames used to house "bathroom" art.  You know, art meant to hang in a bathroom.  I inherited them from my Mom, who no longer needed the botanical prints for her house.  I didn't need them either so I was going to get rid of them.  But when I started thinking about this homework area I realized that these frames would be the perfect size to fill up the wall.  I bought a few cans of spray paint and went to work.  I love the collage look- you may remember from this post my previous collage and every time I look at it it still makes me happy, so what better way to create these messages that will hopefully inspire my children to live up to these aspirations for them.
They hang over this message board, which I also painted.
The paper holder is another item that has been sitting in a pile for a while, I have almost gotten rid of it a few times, but the turquoise paint job has given it new life and now I LOVE it.  You will recognize the button art which hangs over the large calendar.
The other half of this wall has 2 small shelving units side by side and a large dry erase board made from another almost discarded piece of art.  A new paint job for the frame, and some pretty yellow fabric behind the glass- easy peasy.
The take home for me?  A few cans of spray paint is a good investment to turn old unwanted items into something you truly enjoy.  I think I need to get a few more cans. :)

So now, it's your turn, I'd love to see how you turn trash to treasure, or treasure into better treasure. ;)  Link up your Thrift Store projects, visit others and have fun!
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