Friday, September 28, 2012

Point of View Reveal- ORANGE

Friday, September 28, 2012

I love point of view, and I am so excited for this month's reveal.  The theme is Orange- so I hope you'll pull out all your "orange" projects and link them up to our party. :)

Don't these projects look awesome?  I can't wait to check them all out!  If you feel the same, click the links below and see how each of these projects were made.

Gwen- Gwenny Penny
Leanne- Organize and Decorate Everything
Me- scroll down
Jonie- Just between Friends
Ashlee- I'm Topsy Turvy 

I thought for sure I would be making a seasonal craft for this reveal.  I mean, orange in September, just screams for a pillow, or holiday decoration or something, right?  Well, right now my time is limited.  Very little opportunities come my way to craft right this moment so things need to do double duty.  In this case, I am working on an office/homework station and I've had some projects in mind to finish up the wall.  This is one I've been thinking of for a while.  Are you ready for a closer look?

I adore it!  I love the color and the buttons and the stenciling and well, just all of it!  I have to apologize for the lack of process pictures, but there's not really any magic to what I did so I'll just tell you where I found all the fun products I used and you can make your own. :)
Let's take a look at all these lovely covered buttons, shall we?  I used the i-top tool from Imaginisce.  This tool is amazing and simple to use.  You can make magnets, buttons, brads and pins all with the same tool.  You can also use paper or fabric.  I know I sound like an advertisement, but I really do love this tool.  This fabric is mostly Riley Blake fabric, except for the yellow, which is from Joann's.  All but the small blue buttons are from lines by Doodlebug Designs.  I used scraps left over from the wallets I made a few months ago.  I love the bright colors.  I used three different sizes of buttons.  I used hot glue to attach them to the cardboard from the frame.
The large frame is from Poppy Seed Projects and I used a stencil from Royal Design studios.  I have to admit that I am not the best at stenciling, hopefully I'll get better next time.  But for this project, the blurred lines worked to my favor because I wanted a softer look.  The top frame is one I found in a thrift store and it happened to fit perfectly.  I spray painted both frames orange with spray paint then stenciled with white paint over the top.  I actually used command adhesive strips to put it all together, just in case I ever wanted to change it up.
I love the fun colors, and I can't wait to reveal the entire wall with you in the [hopefully] near future. :)  Now, I'm ready to see what you've been up to- come link up your orange projects and lend some inspiration.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall/ Thanksgiving Dual block set {sponsored post}

Thursday, September 13, 2012
This is a sponsored post in that I was given the kit of blocks and vinyl to create a project, but it's also a mini tutorial of sorts so you have an alternative way to finish this project besides just painting the entire blocks a solid color (which would also look fabulous, but you might want options. ;) )

This kit (from FabDecor) comes with 2X4 blocks and vinyl.  If you want to cut it yourself, you will need  3 1/2", 4" and 8" lengths of wood.  The blocks in the kit come already sanded- a HUGE plus in my book. :)
In addition to the Thanksgiving vinyl, you also get a generic Fall saying- which extends the life of this fun piece by quite a bit- I plan on leaving it out now. ;)  Because of the colors of the vinyl I received, I did end up painting each side of the blocks the same color, but you could easily change it with this finishing technique.
 Instead of painting the entire block a solid color, I only painted the center of each block.  Once the paint was dry, I sanded down the edges so the lines between the paint and wood would look softer and more blurred.  Wipe down the blocks with a rag after sanding to remove any dust, then stain the entire block with your stain of choice.  I used an antiquing medium (found near the craft paint in most craft stores) but you could also use stain from the hardware store.  I wiped it on, then quickly wiped it back off with a damp rag because I didn't want it too dark.  I love the casual feel of the blocks finished this way.
 I finished mine off with an organza bow, but you could use tulle, ribbon, raffia or anything else to embellish your blocks.  You can see how Melissa (owner of FabDecor) finished her blocks here.  I think they're beautiful too!
 These projects have been wonderful because while I have been desperate to get crafting, my time is severely limited by my darling 7 week old baby.  A kit like this gives me enough room to be creative, without requiring tons of time from me- a perfect fit for this moment in my life.
I hope you're having a wonderful week!  I'm reveling in the transition from summer to fall and drinking up lots of newborn snuggle time. :)
We'll see you soon.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DownEast Home and Clothing Review {sponsored post}

Tuesday, September 11, 2012
This month I was given the opportunity to go to DownEast Home and Clothing to do a review.  Now, this wasn't hard for me- I LOVE DownEast Home and all the goodies I can find there.  Usually I'm in the market for small ticket items (as I was this time) BUT, see that gray cabinet?  I REALLY, REALLY want that cabinet!  I'm saving up my pennies and dimes so I can have it. :)
But, since my walls are brown in the room I want this cabinet for, perhaps this would be a better option?  The wood top would be the perfect unifying accent to tie the gray with the brown walls. The thing I love about DownEast Home is the prices.  The pieces of furniture are great quality at wonderful prices.  Prices good enough, I actually have a prayer of getting one of these into my home sooner rather than later. :)
Great furniture isn't the only thing you can find at DownEast.  They have many styles and types of textiles for your home.  I found a wonderful cozy blanket to keep in my newly finished basement for those cold winter nights watching movies.
Mostly though, when I head to DownEast, it's for the accessories.  It's like a great treasure hunt because they have them scattered throughout the displays and you have to look pretty closely or you might miss something amazing.  I love these beautiful serving dishes.  That's what I want the cabinet for- to store my serving pieces, and if I had a cabinet that large, I could get away with buying these too. ;)
I think these stools would be awesome in my new craft room.  Easy to move around and tuck away when not in use.
However, as I said, I was on the hunt for accessories to put around my house.  I like a modern cottage feel, casual but not too busy.  I love small accessories for the warmth and charm they give a home, but I don't want it to be crazy with millions of them.  These are the treasures I found for my home.  I love the white pillars with the hurricanes on them- I think they are going to be so fun to use for holidays.  I am thinking of filling them with skulls or spiders for Halloween.  The birds are just little fun pieces to spread around.  I love the colors they are now, but I'm thinking they may look a bit more modern if I spray paint them a solid color.  We'll have to see. ;)  The bike, well, it's just fun.  The pots are wonderful, and again will be fun to change seasonally, but I may paint them as well to have them stand out a bit more.
DownEast has clothing too.  I wanted to take some pictures of the cute pieces they have for the new season, but I got so busy grabbing things to try on, I forgot.  I'll have to rectify that situation and go back soon. ;)

We finished our basement just weeks before the baby was born so we're still in the process of arranging things and figuring out where everything should go.  I'll make sure to keep you posted on these  pieces and where they end up. :)

If you're local to Utah, and looking for a fun place to find treasures for your home or wardrobe- DownEast Home and Clothing is a wonderful option.  You can find them on Twitter here: ; and on FB here:  And if you're not local, you can always look through their treasures online.

Now I better get to work organizing and cleaning up so these beauties will have a lovely place to call home. 
Talk to you soon!
*disclaimer- I was given a gift card to spend at DownEast but all opinions, pictures and rave reviews are my own*

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Halloween Icon Blocks and Washi Tape Giveaway

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Can you feel that crispness in the air?  We had a week full of rain showers last week and it's left the feeling of fall all around.  It's the main reason I LOVE September.  Combine that with the fall projects I've been creating, and I'm ready to bust out the decorations and launch into autumn full swing.  Want to see what my latest creation is?
 These Halloween Icon blocks have been in my "in progress" bin forever. (and by forever, I mean at least 3 years)  I had the blocks ready, the wood pieces purchased, but I just couldn't seem to pull the trigger on how to finish them.  Paint them all the same color?  Different colors?  Add details?  Leave them as silhouettes?  You can see my problem.  But, I finally found the answer- and my oh my was it worth the wait.  The solution?  Washi Tape!!  Ready for the details?  First start with your wood blocks.  Mine are cut from a 2" X 6" board to be almost square (so really approx. 5 1/2" X 5 1/2")  I painted them black and sanded down the edges.

Decide on the wood shapes you want to use.  (mine were purchased at Michaels's)  You could also use chipboard or print off shapes from your computer onto cardstock.
Chose your washi tape and cover the shape.  The pattern on this tape runs off the edge, but if you can line up the rows, it will have a more seamless look.
Turn the shape over and use a sharp blade to trim off the excess tape.  (if you are using chipboard or cardstock you will need to be especially careful that you don't trim off part of the shape too.)
Finish off the shape as desired and attach to the block.  In this example I added just a bit of ink to the edges and added google eyes for some whimsy.  I did use a craft stick to burnish the tape along the entire shape and especially along the edges so that it was all firmly attached.  You could also use a sealer- such as Mod Podge or a clear spray if you want to really make sure it won't go anywhere.  Hot glue bound the two pieces together in Halloween happiness.
Here's a detail shot of the witch hat.  I used a fabric covered button for the spider body and twine from Doodlebug Designs for the legs.  The headstone was finished off with rub on letters.  Want another look at the three together?
So fun!! (I may be a little biased though.)
Now, I wouldn't go on and on about how much I love washi tape- I didn't go on and on?  Well, I should, because I really do love this stuff.  It's colorful, easy, dresses up everything and you can find it in so many places.  But my favorite place to find it now is a great new website called Downtown Tape.  All the rolls of tape are just $1.99 and they ship for $2.95 for 1 or many.  If you want to be in on the latest and greatest, you can like their Facebook Page, or sign up for their newsletter- and you'll be the first to know about new designs, specials and sales.  Plus- if you sign up for the newsletter, you will get a file for printable tags that are just begging for washi tape goodness. (valued at $10)
And, the nice people at Downtown Tape want to share the washi love!  (are you giddy?  because I'm giddy for you)  One lucky reader will win 10 rolls of washi tape and 25 tags to beautify to your hearts content!!  Are you ready to win? a Rafflecopter giveaway
The giveaway is open to all readers (international entries welcome).
*Disclosure:  I was compensated by Downtown Tape to run this giveaway, but the project and opinions are all mine and I wouldn't offer this giveaway to you awesome friends unless I LOVED their stuff. *
Linked up to Home Decor and Organizing Link party at Organize and Decorate Everything

Good Luck to you all!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Point of View Feature

Monday, September 3, 2012
Since it's Monday and I typically do Mom-day posts I thought it would be only fitting that my feature from our Family themed Point of View be a wonderfully thoughtful post about motherhood.  This post by Home Made Modern offers such a great perspective on what we teach our children, when we're teaching our children.  It's a wonderful read.  And there were many more great projects linked up at the link party- I hope you'll check them out.
As for our theme this month- it's ORANGE.  So if you have a project lurking in the wings you've been meaning to do- get it done! ;)  And if you have some oldies, but goodies hanging out in your archives- come join the party and link them up.  Let's make this coming party a GREAT one! :)

The baby's crying, I need to run, but Happy Monday Everyone!
(hey- that rhymed!)
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