Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stay Tuned

Thursday, August 11, 2011
I am working on the ruffle pillow tutorial as we speak...But I have been hindered by some rude person who hacked my laptop.  We have a virus of some sort and until I can get it fixed, I don't have access to the pictures I need to finish it up. :( 
I really don't know why people are such jerks.  I mean really, why can't I just use my computer and the internet without having to worry about being violated at every turn?
Sorry for the rant, I'm a little frustrated.
I'm hoping to get the post up soon.  Please bear with me.


Leanne said...

Oh, I'm sorry Amy. I hope it gets worked out soon. I really don't understand why people do mean things.

Kristie said...

No, that stinks! Hope you get it worked out soon.
It does seem that manners have flown out the window. Is it so bad to hope that there are still good people out there?
Manners are what I am working on with my kiddos.
Good luck!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Yuck! Hopefully you can get everything fixed quickly. Fingers crossed :)

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