Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Embellished notebooks

Wednesday, August 25, 2010
I love shopping for school supplies. It's a crazy obsession that I have and one that drives my husband crazy. How many unopened boxes of crayons does one woman need anyway?
But as much as I love school supplies, I can't justify spending $1.50 for a notebook, just because it has a design on the cover, when I can pick up a plain one for $.15. So I bought a ton of these notebooks, and told my daughter and niece they could decorate them themselves and that I'd bust out the Cricut and cut whatever they wanted for them. I thought they'd put some flowers, maybe some butterflies or something- WRONG. They wanted full on scenes, backdrops, main characters, supporting cast- the whole works. They amazed me with their creativity and absolutely certainty that this is what they wanted to create. Great work ladies!
I forgot to take pictures during the whole event (there were six other kiddos running around while we worked on these) but these are of my daughter's finished notebook.

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Brande J. said...

So Cute!!! I really need a Cricut :)

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