Monday, July 12, 2010

Calendar Re-do

Monday, July 12, 2010
I wasn't happy with the way the numbers looked, and I was kind of over the colors in my earlier version of the calendar, so I decided to re-do the magnets to lighten it up a little bit.
I found these awesome glass tiles on etsy (I don't remember where, but if you really want me to find out I'm sure I can.)
(sorry about the pics, it's hard to get rid of the glare on the metal)
I love how much more open and crisp the tiles look since they are uniform. It's also a lot easier to see the numbers since I tried to choose lighter papers this time.

This is the finished calendar. I screwed some cup hooks in the side and bottom to hold the clipboards/ event calendar (which doubles as a month marker). I plan on re-doing the event calendar to look like the clipboard below, which I made for my mom's birthday.
She has it sitting on a shelf with a small easel and it looks great. I need to get going on mine so everything will go together.
(the papers I used on the calendar are American Crafts Blue Skies, the Happy Birthday paper is from Joann's)

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Karina said...

Hello, Do you have any step by step (material description) DIY post on this calendar? It looks awesome. :) Thanks for the post.

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